NetReveal operations platform

Financial Crime 4 Март 2015, 17:09

Proven flexible platform.

Our NetReveal® operations platform directs and manages investigations, automates business process interactions and optimises resource utilisation to focus on greatest risks and threats.

The operations platform brings together all of the data visualisation, analysis, workflow and security elements needed to deliver an enterprise-class risk management capability.

Enterprise security model with fine-grained controls to secure access to sensitive data based on role. A single instance of the operations platform can support the needs of multiple teams spread across different geographic locations and subject to varying local data protection laws. Law enforcement level security can also be supported.

Workflow engine to implement standard operating models for alert/incident and case investigations. Workflows can be automated with business rules, freeing users to work on high value intelligence and risk assessment tasks. Integration with external systems is achieved with configurable APIs including web services.

Data visualisation and exploration which provides users with interactive heat-maps, geo-spatial rendering, collapsible timeline views and interactive charts to make sense of complex data pictures quickly and accurately. 

Network analysis displays associations across groups of individuals which would otherwise be difficult to discover, simplifying the process of mapping out collusive activity.

Integrated search to discover all additional information pertinent to an ongoing investigation with graphical query building, free-text search and in-document search. Identity search tools allow users to find individuals based on their relationship with others, returning more relevant hits than searching by name alone. Federated search tools unify information spread across different repositories and data stores.

Configurable GUI - modern look and feel to present information to a user in a style suited to their operational role. Management users are presented with summary information and dashboards; special analytics teams have broad capabilities to access data, form and confirm a hypothesis; less skilled users are directed to a simplified UI and reduced workflow options.

Scalable solution - designed to support thousands of users across multiple time-zones and languages.

NetReveal has pre-defined vertical configurations for fraud, risk, compliance and law enforcement which package workflows, GUI, reporting, data models and interfaces. These standard solutions are derived from dozens of project engagements, and accelerate project deployment while preserving the capability to modify configurations to client requirements.

The operations platform is built on an SOA architecture which provides a flexible approach to integrating data and services.