CommsReveal™ Prescriptive Analytics

Communications Intelligence 4 Март 2015, 17:52

Machine learning for prediction and simulation

Play by new rules in the digital age. 

CommsReveal™ is the world’s first integrated marketing and network investment analysis tool specifically designed for Communications Service Providers (CSPs). It combines BAE Systems' big data heritage with cutting edge visualisation and simulation technology. It helps CSPs who are facing an increasingly challenging business environment, battling for the hearts, minds and wallets of subscribers; to reveal the detail behind their business performance allowing them to answer key questions such as:
– How can I see the value that my network is creating and manage it for the best performance?
– How can I quickly and accurately segment my customers around common behaviours, and track segments over time?
– How do I develop insight into business decisions (both marketing and networking) that will increase customer and business value?
– How do I de-risk decisions, and see what effect they will have on the rest of the network?
– How do I integrate all the above models and outputs with my existing business intelligence stack?

CommsReveal™ has been designed to meet the challenge of how to exploit data for value. It succeeds by taking granular levels of discrete data points and quickly learning how customers, networks and business assets interact. CommsReveal™ presents options and forecasts that will change the value of the business for its customers and shareholders.
Crucially, CommsReveal™ shortens the time to insight and removes long periods of customisation, programming and data modelling. Likewise, there are no long periods of training, or dependence on specialist consultancy services to drive the application. The system is optimised and trained on CSP data directly and simply works straight out of the box.