Wireless Solutions

Communications Intelligence 4 Март 2015, 17:54

Making reliable radio links in the most challenging circumstances

BAE Systems Applied Intelligence designs, develops, manufactures and supports a range of high-end radio communication systems for defence and commercial applications. These products cover a wide range of technologies from RF front-end electronics through to real-time baseband processing in software. We provide solutions to deliver reliable communications in challenging environments from VLF to microwave. Most of our technology in this area is designed to meet our customers’ specific needs.

Digital VLF/LF Receiver

As an example of our wireless solutions capability, DRx is a digital VLF/LF receiver housed in a 3U ruggedised chassis and contains a combined receiver and demodulator unit capable of handling all NATO STANAG 5030 and STANAG 5065 compatible modes. The DRx employs a Software Defined Radio architecture, and additional modes can be accommodated with no hardware redesign.
The DRx’s state-of-the-art analogue circuitry provides superior dynamic range and sensitivity. The embedded software runs on a single-board computer and implements sophisticated signal processing algorithms which provide excellent performance against impulsive and random noise and rejects adjacent channel transmissions. All the DRx’s features are fully controllable from the front panel keypad and screen, or via remote control operable from any device equipped with a serial port.
The DRx incorporates comprehensive Built In Test Equipment (BITE) to continuously monitor internal components and outputs. Interruptive test facilities also provide a comprehensive test of the full signal path and other inputs.

VLF Modulator

A companion to the DRx receiver, the VLF Modulator provides a similar solution for VLF and LF communications for the other end of the transmission chain. Variants are available that will accept either asynchronous or synchronous serial data, and modulate an RF output to all NATO STANAG 5030 and 5065 compatible modes. The modulator retains all of the configurability, ruggedness, control and test features of the companion DRx.
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