Electronic Systems

Communications Intelligence 4 Март 2015, 18:01

Some problems require really special solutions. More and more our clients are finding that conventional IT systems just can’t cope with the speed and quantity of information they need. That’s why they need specialist electronic solutions.

BAE Systems Applied Intelligence Electronic Systems Group designs, builds and installs world leading security technologies. Our systems are frequently tailor-made in short timescales to resolve a specific business need. They are characterised by aggressive performance requirements.
We have a large team of engineers, support staff and trainers focused on delivering a wide variety of solutions to our clients. This variety requires strength in breadth and depth of engineering expertise, which BAE Systems Applied Intelligence has established through 40 years of system design.

Our expertise includes:

Digital Systems

Many — though not all — of the technology problems we solve are simply too demanding or specific to be solved with off-the-shelf equipment. So we design and develop our own sophisticated circuit boards using a wide range of electronic components. A large proportion of the work we do depends on developing particularly efficient FPGA implementations.

Software engineering

We develop application software as well as embedded systems and hardware drivers. These are typically implemented using C or C++. Our software engineers have experience of developing for very specialised hardware. Throughout the team, we have a particular focus on high-performance implementations.

Communications-protocol engineering

Much of our electronics and software engineering work depends on a our engineers having a detailed understanding of various communications protocols — for example internet communications protocols such as HTTP, SMTP or BitTorrent.

Signal processing

We have world-leading skills in the implementation of software-defined radio systems, which use high-performance signal-processing algorithms on CPUs, DSPs and FPGAs. While we do not consider the Electronic Systems Group to be a research organisation, many of our solutions demand novel signal-processing approaches, rather than straightforward implementations of reference designs.

Analogue electronics

Some of our work in the radio-communications domain requires us to develop customised analogue front-ends.

Mechanical design

We have in-house mechanical design capabilities, including 3D CAD modelling. This is because we frequently develop custom mechanical housings for our systems, which allow them to operate reliably in tough environmental conditions or to meet stringent physical security requirements.

Other technologies

Because we solve real-world problems for customers, we have experience of using a very wide array of technologies. For example we have delivered systems using techniques ranging from geometric optics and lasers to hydraulics.

Production Installation & Support

We understand that a paper design does not solve a real-world problem. We can manufacture our designs quickly and flexibly, from small to medium batch sizes with a focus on quality and operational reliability 24/7. Our range of carefully selected manufacturing partners gives us access to state-of-the-art production processes and capacity we can scale as required.
We regularly install equipment at locations across the UK and overseas. We provide training for end-users and maintainers, and also ‘train-the-trainer’ courses.
We provide tailored through-life support for the solutions we deliver. This covers deployment to disposal. In some cases, over more than a decade. Our support services include on-site rapid response and 24/7 helpdesks. All backed up by our experienced, customer focused Service Delivery Managers.

Providing Advice

We know that difficult technical problems can’t be tackled in isolation from the rest of an organisation, nor from the stand point of pure theory.
There are risks and dependencies, processes and legacy systems to consider. How can the right answer be identified? Our engineers use their knowledge and expertise to deliver practical advice to our customers, which is always grounded in an understanding of business needs.