Communications Intelligence 4 Март 2015, 18:09

Allowing encrypted, filtered and secure data sharing.

Data is on the increase and on average doubles every year. This data is shared on a daily basis in communications with customers, partners and internally across your organisation. Sharing data across country borders adds additional complexity to keeping your data secure and being compliant with local laws.
SecureServe™ allows you to share information with others, to detect and prevent fraud, ship business information freely (while protecting it against malicious attacks) and reduces the risk of data protection and privacy breaches. It can also be used to anonymise your data to facilitate secure cooperative data sharing for partner or joint marketing campaigns and analyse information without disclosing actual customer identifiers within data sets.
SecureServe can also be used for sharing data securely with third party marketing organisations. They can take user data and show trends, so that marketing campaigns can be generated to improve micro marketing and user-specific marketing, allowing greater customer retention and additional revenue.

Business Benefits

The business benefit is to be able to use cloud based solution providers. This allows you to quickly and securely pierce through the data sharing dilemma and work with the revenue generating cloud based service providers in a more agile manner.
– Generate secure and confidential data reports to share;
– Retain full control of the system and configuration;
– Enables complete compliance with Regulator, cross country needs;
– Protect your reputation with your customers while truly exploiting your data.

SecureServe is tailored for your specific market sector - there are different solutions for:

– Telecommunication providers: Allow sharing of SMS and Call Data with cloud operators who offer revenue growth or anti-fraud applications;
– Financial sector: Work with a solution like NetReveal on demand;
– Health sector: Share patient records or drug trials for analysis while preserving anonymity, but allowing the original trial patient to be verified should important information be found;
– Law and Government: Share bulk data between agencies to allow possible matches to be identified and then investigated.