Communications Intelligence 4 Март 2015, 18:11

A scalable, reliable and secure solution enabling full data retention legislation compliance at minimal cost.

DataRetain™ provides an innovative solution to the data retention compliance challenge. By combining proven data compression software with low-cost, off-the-shelf, small footprint, energy efficient hardware, DataRetain enables Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to store billions of data records securely.
We take an industry leading stance on business ethics in accordance with the BAE Systems Code of Conduct. Our solutions recognise the need to balance the rights of the citizen with the need to enable governmental organisations that have the responsibility to prevent harm and investigate crime in strict accordance with applicable legislation.
By storing all data records and deleting time expired records completely automatically, DataRetain minimises time spent on routine system administration. Data records are available for retrieval within seconds of being stored and can be retrieved within milliseconds. As well as being fast, compact and highly secure, DataRetain is scalable to accommodate the growth of IP traffic for the foreseeable future.
DataRetain™ also provides the user interface for a CSP to enter process and respond to requests from Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs). This allows a faster and more secure and efficient process to be adopted by the CSP, thereby saving in staff time to service the ever growing number of LEA requests. The user interface ensures that the CSP meet all of their legal obligations and do not inadvertently over disclose information yet meet their obligations to the LEA community.
DataRetain™ also provides a solution for Network Address Translation (NAT) IP retention; allowing CSP’s to fully understand subscriber traffic helping to protect its users and the network and also provide valuable network insight.