Custom Electronics Engineering

Communications Intelligence 4 Март 2015, 18:17

Delivering competitive advantage through high speed, small size, low power, survivability and ease of use.

Some problems require really special solutions. More and more our clients are finding that conventional IT systems just can’t cope with the speed and quantity of information they need. That’s why they need specialist electronic solutions.
We design, build and install world leading security technologies. Our systems are frequently tailor-made in short timescales to resolve a specific business need. They are characterised by aggressive performance requirements.
We have a large team of engineers, support staff and trainers focused on delivering a wide variety of solutions to our clients. This variety requires strength in breadth and depth of engineering expertise, which we have established through 40 years of system design.
Our wide ranging electronic systems engineering capability, means we deliver solutions to challenging technical problems in a variety of areas. Our open minded approach to electronic systems combined with our appreciation of the operational and business requirements of our customers enables us to help people with the most difficult problems.
Whether it’s developing a high volume sonar recording solution for a fraction of the cost of existing systems, rugged computing and communications modules or a deployable remote monitoring solution that runs for a year from a single AA battery, our products are linked by the innovative and practical approach, we apply to solve real-world problems.
One example is the Common Open Recorder (COR). This is a system designed to replace legacy recording solutions using proprietary interfaces and media, with a system that is capable of recording multiple data streams or connectionless sources to a variety of low-cost but high performance commercial tape media. By using interface modules where required, and a flexible software based platform, COR is able to provide a drop in replacement for older bespoke recording solutions, often in a smaller form factor.
COR makes use of industrial off the shelf components to provide a solution that is only 4U in height and mounts in a standard 19” rack. The tape media used is also compact and provides up to 800GB of storage using the latest generation of tape media. COR is a great example of blending the benefits of COTS with appropriate custom engineering in optimum technical and commercial balance.