We’re building on our strength as a global provider of defence and security products to shape support services that meet the changing needs of our customers. From sophisticated cyber services and military support, to mission critical electronic systems and protection equipment, we aim to be at the forefront of defence technology and science.

We have key markets across the globe – Australia, India, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and the United States. Combined with our regional offices, we employ some 84,600 skilled and passionate people. 

Our key market strategy builds significant indigenous capability and footprint, often through mutually beneficial partnerships with investment in local businesses and the sharing of skills and technologies, providing sustainable employment for local people.



We deliver on our commitments


We create leading-edge solutions


We constructively challenge and take the initiative

Creating a successful and sustainable business requires more than financial results. The Company places great importance not just on what we do, but how we do it. Responsible business is embedded within the Company’s Strategy and is supported across the business via our Corporate Responsibility (CR) agenda.

What we stand for

Our vision is to be the premier global defence, aerospace and security company. Responsible behaviour is one of four pillars of our Company strategy, together with customer focus, programme execution and financial performance.

How our business works

The majority of our products and services are for military use, ranging from large platform programmes and electronic systems programmes to maintenance and support contracts.We also have growing businesses in information technology, and cyber security as our customer requirements evolve to deal with increasingly relevant cyber threats.

Supporting communities

Charities, schools and not-for-profit organisations make a hugely valuable contribution to society. We support their work through donations and sponsorships, by encouraging employees to share their time and expertise as volunteers and by supporting employee fundraising.

Investing in education

We believe it is vital to help and encourage more young people to consider a career in science and engineering. We support education and skills development in schools and colleges across the our global business.

Investing in our people

Our employees are highly skilled with the engineering and technical know-how we need to support our business.

Environmental sustainability

As a major manufacturer, our operations have a significant impact on the environment through the energy and resources we use and the waste we generate.

Working with Suppliers

We spend more than £10 billion a year with 25,000 suppliers around the world.

Product stewardship

Our responsibility for our products does not stop when they leave our factory, ship yard or hangar.

Supporting communities

Charities, schools and not-for-profit organisations make a hugely valuable contribution to society. We support their work through donations and sponsorships, by encouraging employees to share their time and expertise as volunteers and by supporting employee fundraising.

Investing in education

We believe it is vital to help and encourage more young people to consider a career in science and engineering. We support education and skills development in schools and colleges across the our global business.

Our businesses cover everything from electronic warfare systems to intelligence gathering to armoured vehicles.

BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

Our Applied Intelligence division delivers solutions which help our clients to protect and enhance their critical assets in the intelligence age. These solutions combine large-scale data exploitation, 'intelligence-grade' security and complex services and solutions integration

BAE Systems Australia

A leading supplier of communications, electronic warfare systems, military air support, air defence, mission support systems and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance to the Australian Defence Force.

BAE Systems India

BAE Systems’ newest home market and an Indian company committed to serving the armed and security forces of India.

BAE Systems Saudi Arabia

Supporting customers in the air, land, command and control and naval sectors, and supplies solutions in mechanical engineering, electronics repair and manufacturing, IT, logistics and manpower development.

Electronic systems

Offer a broad portfolio from flight and engine controls to electronic warfare and night vision systems, surveillance and reconnaissance sensors, secure networked communications equipment, and power and energy management systems.

Intelligence & Security

Provide mission-critical cyber security solutions, information technology, and intelligence and analytical tools, and support solutions to the intelligence, defense, and civilian communities.

Platforms & Services

Platforms & Services designs, develops, produces, supports, maintains, modernizes and upgrades armored combat vehicles, wheeled vehicles, naval guns, surface ship combatants, commercial vessels, missile launchers, artillery systems, military ordnance, and protective wear and armor.


We design and manufacture naval ships and submarines, as well as their combat systems and equipment.

Military Air & Information

A through-life business delivering information superiority and air power to our customers in the UK and overseas.

Regional aircraft

A leading provider of regional aircraft and support services to regional airlines throughout the world.

Shared services

Provide shared capabilities and support services, principally to BAE Systems internal customers. Shared technology and professional capabilities are knowledge-based, tailored to customer needs and focus on adding value.

Working responsibly matters a great deal to us. We aim to protect the safety of our employees, the environment and the communities where we operate.

Our mission is to protect and enhance the connected world

Cyber Security

Helping our clients across the complete cyber security risk lifecycle

Our consulting services help clients to prepare for cyber attacks by understanding and managing cyber exposure, enabling them to make informed investment decisions and to put pragmatic, cost-effective protection in place.
We protect their valuable information assets with network and mobility security products. We’ve been doing this for more than 40 years, working for the most security-conscious government agencies and enterprises.
We provide advanced monitoring as a product and as a 24/7 managed service. Our CyberReveal big data analytics and investigation platform detects suspicious activity – much of which by-passes traditional IT security approaches – while maximising the efficiency of security operations.
We also help clients to respond to cyber attacks quickly when these occur. Our specialists investigators have unparalleled experience in containing, investigating and responding to security incidents and helping our clients make the right decisions at the right time to minimise financial loss and reputational damage.

Financial Crime

Identifying, combating and preventing financial threats, risk, loss or penalties

Our NetReveal solution is proven to revolutionise the detection of fraud and organised crime. It is used by major global banks and insurers, governments and law enforcement agencies around the world to provide intelligence and combat a range of criminal threats.
In the financial services sector, NetReveal is an enterprise risk-management solution. It uncovers networks of suspicious behavior by identifying and scoring networks of customers and accounts across an organisation’s complete portfolio of products and brands. We also enable financial institutions to comply with regulatory obligations.
In the Government sector, NetReveal enables government and law enforcement agencies to generate intelligence to identify and counter those who threaten the safety of the public, the security of the state or who seek to commit serious and organised crime – including tax, welfare and healthcare fraud.

Communications Intelligence

Providing sophisticated network intelligence, protection and controls

We are a global provider of specialist communications and intelligence technologies. We offer a comprehensive product portfolio for intelligence acquisition, information analysis and network insight generation.
Our end-to-end solutions for national security, law enforcement agencies and our work with Communication Services Providers (CSP’s) brings together products and service capabilities helping these clients to make the most of their data by gaining insight and intelligence from the vast amounts of data to better understand their customers and help derive better value or to pursue their core intelligence missions for the protection of national security and law enforcement.
We have expertise in data acquisition, protocol processing, database and storage, analysis and presentation of large volumes of complex data for lawful interception and communications intelligence. In today’s world, data analytics is of increasing importance when it comes to extracting the maximum amount of intelligence from available communication and other data sources to preserve mission critical activities and protect the vulnerable.
For communications service providers, we have a track record of providing data retention and lawful interception solutions to meet their regulatory obligations as well as solutions to support real-time analysis of customers’ needs and provision of value added services such as encryption, filtering and secure information sharing or end-user protection and policy controls. 

We take an industry leading stance on business ethics in accordance with the BAE Systems Code of Conduct. Our solutions recognise the need to balance the rights of the citizen with the need to enable governmental organisations that have the responsibility to prevent harm and investigate crime in strict accordance with applicable legislation.

Digital transformation

Creating competitive advantage and enhancing operating performance by exploiting data and digital connectivity

Digitisation is transforming how we live our lives. Driven and enabled by the four digital disruptors of Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud, our expectations of what we can do, who we can access, and the experience we receive, is dramatically different from only a few years ago. This digital disruption shows no sign of abating as the pace of technology and service innovation continues to grow.
The impact on organisations is profound. They now need to excel at engagement with their customers and partners. They need to innovate and experiment with new business models, and they need to digitally enable their core operations and workforce to become more efficient and agile, delivering better insights and enabling effective decisions.
We help our clients excel in this Digital Age by bringing together the key components in the New Rules of Digital Transformation:
We embedded an award winning Digital Media Agency into the core of our proposition over 10 years ago to deliver people-centric services
We have been integrating leading edge data science solutions into Commercial and Government organisations for over 40 years, pioneering deployment of Big Data techniques and helping organisations manage their data as a strategic asset
We bring our deep understanding of security and privacy to help our clients build digital trust with their users.
From developing an inspiring digital vision through to connecting and integrating people, data, technology and services, we help our clients transform all aspects of their business.
Bringing this all together, we offer true Digital Leadership.